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Common Lisp Conversion
CL Conversion
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Error Handling

Common Lisp has no defined way to handle errors. Even things as simple as ERRSET cannot be written in Common Lisp.

[Note that this document was written for 1984 Common Lisp, the original language, long before it was standardized. ANSI Common Lisp not only has IGNORE-ERRORS, but many other error handling facilities. —KMP, 27 May 2007]

Display Operations

Common Lisp has no defined way to do cursor motion. The general case of Maclisp CURSORPOS has no defined rewrite. The following special case is defined, however:

    (CURSORPOS 'A stream)    becomes    (FRESH-LINE stream)

Environment Inquiry

The STATUS and SSTATUS special forms are not available in Common Lisp. There is no Common Lisp rewrite for some of their features. However, the following equivalents are available:

    (STATUS SITE)                becomes  (MACHINE-INSTANCE)
    (STATUS FEATURE something)   becomes  (MEMBER 'something *FEATURES*)
    (SSTATUS FEATURE something)  becomes  (PUSHNEW 'something *FEATURES*)

See pages 447-448 of Common Lisp: The Language (First Edition, 1984) for more ideas.

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