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Conv: Substandard Code

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Expressions involving lambda expressions quoted with QUOTE are substandard and may not work in all situations since the introduction of lexical closures. In places where the expression is being used only functionally (and not as a data structure to be picked apart by CAR, CDR, etc.), it is a good idea to rewrite lambda expressions quoted with QUOTE as lambda expressions quoted with FUNCTION.

    '(LAMBDA ...)         becomes  #'(LAMBDA ...)
    (QUOTE (LAMBDA ...))  becomes  #'(LAMBDA ...)

Common Lisp defines a CEILING function, something which Maclisp never had. Some old code may still contain idiomatic approximations such as (FLOOR (+$ x 0.999999)) which may well be more correctly written as (CEILING x). Doing Tags Search for FLOOR and/or 0.999 to find idioms like this may be worthwhile in code containing numerical algorithms.

    (FLOOR (+$ x 0.999999))  becomes  (CEILING x)

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